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All of these common phrases evoke a strong emotional response in most of us, reminding us of the place we grew up, the cherished experiences we remember and so on. Some of us, however, prefer a life with no home – welcome to Shining City – a blog detailing my adventures and experiences travelling the world! monaco high up view

In November 2008 I quit my office desk job, and shortly after sold my car and my house. Ever since then I have been traveling around every continent of the world. In these last few years, I have seen and done far more than I could ever have imagined.

Starting out at my home town of Winnipeg, Canada – I have been to 8 continents, every single US state, 10/10 of the Canadian states, every single Australian territory, well over 120 countries with a variety of different laws, traditions, habits, and governments. I have seen exactly 143 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and counting!!.

My Aim with This Site

The purpose of this site is to focus on all of the finer aspects of travel, especially city travel. It is my aim to provide the best, most up to date information on the best hotels and resorts as well as money saving tips and advice like how you can get last minute deals. I will guide you towards the most exquisite restaurants and I will provide up to date news from within all corners of the luxury travel industry!

The Search for Happiness

Shining City is not just another travel blog! We’ll be providing cutting edge tips and tricks on how to not get yourself into trouble abroad. I’ll provide you with all the facts and details of each place I visit and maybe a bit of history too! However you look at it, this site is not only highly informative, it’s incredibly entertaining too!

This is the most passionate, experienced, and opinionated site on the web for all things travel. My constant adventures and trips around the globe will provide you with cutting-edge citManhattan and Brooklyn Bridges at nighty knowledge and the knowledge you’ll need to create your own personalized and well-planned journey of all the best travel places – complete with how to find the best restaurants, brilliant comprehensive guides, encounters with locals and celebrities, and the hidden secret spots to really relax in. I think it will be fun to show and share absolutely everything that I experience on my journey around the world. Enjoy!
Travelers tips!                                         

I’m going to provide you with the best tips and tricks, as well as the answers to your burning questions, such as:

Can You Travel For too long? Are you afraid of flying? How do you overcome that? What if something goes wrong, have you considered a travel risk management programme?

Are some country visas hard to get? Yes! I will provide tips such as; visitors and immigrants are an integral part of Canada’s economy and society, which is why Canada is issuing record numbers of visas in 2013, to learn more visit here.