What Characteristics Does a French Villa Have?

Visiting France was one of the most interesting experiences of my life. The people were so different; some very nice, some very rude. The food was the same; delicious, or disgusting. One thing that stood out most to me was the strong culture and the architecture. I never cared too much for buildings and history, […]

What are Air Miles and Why are the Useful?

One thing that I personally have made use of, and I believe you should be aware of if you travel frequently (be it for business, for work, or for leisure) is air miles – an extremely useful reward scheme that any traveller can benefit from. Air Miles was set up in the 1980s as an […]

The Drake Hotel Is Your Live Music Hotspot

The live music Toronto scene is one of the hottest to be found in North America. Toronto has been skyrocketing in popularity among tourists, mainly due to its vibrant nightlife. That doesn’t mean that Toronto has lost its authenticity or eccentric charm in favor of a vanilla one-size-fits-all approach. On the contrary, part of what […]

Where in the World Are the Best Hiking Destinations

Hikers often search the world for that next trail to conquer. Fortunately, the world offers a number of fascinating destinations where hikers can challenge their skills and expand their experiences. These trails provide a wide variety of natural features that make them among the top favorites of those who enjoy this popular activity. Kalalau Trail, […]